The Guest List : Book Review

Lucy Foley is an author I stumbled across by accident. Or fluke. Or by a coincidence? 🤔Maybe it was fate because her book The Guest List was honestly amazing.

It all started when I realized I only had $14.67 left on my Indigo card. 😦I really wanted the newest edition hard cover of The Great Gatsby (all time fav) but it cost a lot more than what I had on my gift card. So trying to keep my book spending in budget- and no I don’t have an e-reader I need a physical copy to smell and feel and throw when characters don’t do as I had hoped and also slam shut when I finished it in a very dramatic manner. Besides that, The Guest List was on sale for 30% off, plus an extra 10% off when using your Plum Card. So it fit my budget.

Foley tells the story of a young couple getting married in Ireland, a secluded coastal castle sets the scene of this very lengthy guest list whom all know each other in one way or another. The bride invites her parents, half sister and stepmother, and her ‘man of honour’ best friend, who’s wife joins in. The groom invites a friend from school, his brother and parents. The wedding planner assumes back seat on this blended group of people, all while knowing the groom’s darkest secret. 🤫

As secrets are revealed (no I’m not going to tell you!) the wedding is a complete disaster. The groom ends up missing for a portion of the reception and is then found by his friends only to be deemed dead. With an entourage of friends and family emerging the suspect list, everyone’s dirty secrets are hung out to dry. 🐍

This story reveals a lot of hardships and confronting the past as each character reveals an aspect of guilt. Each character has a motive to kill the groom, however none of them can actually confess to it. The bride’s half sister endured in a one night stand with him, the man of honour is in love with the bride and his wife can sense this, the groom’s friend knows all too well about his college days and his parents are silent the whole time. 🔪So who did commit this compelling yet tragic crime?

Foley writes in the most compelling and detail oriented way as each character is so different, sharing hardly any similarities. This book had me gripping every page and desperately trying to peel my eyes away but I couldn’t!

Once you decide to read, your jaw will drop just as fast as mine did.

Overall Cupcake Count (1-5): 🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ’til the murder mystery,


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