The Flower_Cake Cafe Toronto

Yes the name of the store has an underscore. Yes it was delicious. And yes I am going back this weekend for another iced coffee. 🤩

I like to consider myself an iced coffee connoisseur so my rating for this one would be :🏅🏅🏅out of a possible 5!

Let me start off by saying my mom found this quaint little place on Instagram! (Ikr better skills than her daughter!) It’s honestly a hidden gem!

Specializing in flower theme cake and cupcakes, this place has the BEST (okay not the best but top 5) iced coffee I have ever had! They even have lots of Gluten Free and Vegan options so there is something for everyone!

All the decor is extremely ornate and vintage bringing to life the French cafe vibe! Macaroons under the arch de triamphe anyone?😏

I ended up getting the meringue cookies and some macaroons! Absolutely delicious!

If you’re in the downtown Toronto area I highly suggest taking a peek! Located 20 St Patrick Street Toronto ON🇨🇦

Spring always brings out the sweet tooth in us! And after this year? Y’all deserve it!

Yours ‘til the cookie crumbles 🍪


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  1. Looks so cute! Next time. Hopefully soon😂😂

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  2. Do you do book reviews? What is your email address?

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      1. Fabulous! Would you like to do mine? It’s poetry.

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      2. Omg of course!!! Can u send it to me? 😋

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      3. Done! yay!!!!! thank you :))))

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