The Watering Can Flower Market

Located in Lincoln, Ontario The Watering Can Flower Market is the most adorable place for flowers, treats, plants and ICED COFFEE! 🤩

Once again another location my mom found on Instagram (seriously I need to get on her level) and we made the trip to go!

Iced coffee rating: 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅

Heads up, they use coffee as their iced cubes! So no watery after taste when you finish! GENIUS!

Any-who, The Watering Can 🌺🥀🌸🌼🌻🌹🌷💐is primarily a florist market that also has many different plants, flowers, succulents, decor and even a Brunch menu! Who doesn’t love a good brunch?😻

The place is full of vintage items and decor along with the worlds prettiest plants! Everything is very affordable, stunning and perfect for every season! We even went closer to Christmas and participated in an Urn making class!

FYI building an urn is a lot harder than it looks!

They also do a Garden High Tea with vintage plates, cups and delicious treats! For two people it’s 70$! Not bad for the royal treatment ☕️👑

If you’re ever in the Niagara area I suggest you give this place a visit! And don’t forget the iced coffee! 😉

Yours ‘til the watering cans☔️


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