Nashville, TN, USA

Erica not in America took a trip to America!🇺🇸

Music city is exactly what Nashville is all about as the heart of it downtown radiates everything country music stands for!🤠

During our stay we were also there the same time as the NFL Draft so most of downtown was closed for players and coaches but nonetheless we had fun!

We found an amazing cafe called the Frothy Monkey, with the best iced coffee. I know you’re probably thinking “you say this every time” but I mean it this time! 😏

Iced Coffee Rating:🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅it was that good!

Following our coffee adventure we went to find the mural painted by artist Kelsey Montague who leaves her murals all over the states for photo opportunities! Most popularly know for her angel wing design, we found her Nashville site!

Little did we know this time her painting was for none other than TAYLOR SWIFT! If you’ve seen the photos Taylor posted for the debut of song ME! You’ll see Montague’s mural! And I was there! 😱

We stood in this park for 3 hours until she showed up (my dad was the only male there 100% positive about this one) and then she even took my phone to take a selfie with me! Talk about good timing 😉

What a whirlwind! All in the first 24 hours of landing! I hadn’t even washed my hair or changed from my plane attire so please excuse the awful photos I am stuck with for life. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Nashville is a gorgeous city I recommend to anyone! If you’re into the country music scene, city/country chic and super nice weather? I found your spot! And don’t forget the iced coffee😁

Yours ‘til the yee haws 🐎


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