Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget: Book Review

One of my biggest guilty pleasures is reality tv. Yes. All of it. The Bachelor/Bachelorette🌹, Hell’s Kitchen🔪, Survivor⚔️, Shahs of Sunset🌅, Family Karma 🇮🇳and let’s not forget The Real Housewives.

Yes Bravo TV is the most viewed channel in my household.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHONJ) is a personal favourite of mine. So when star Margaret Jospehs announced in season 11 that she wrote a book, you better believe I was first on that pre-order list!

Now most people watch these kind of shows and think “where do they find these people? Do they really exist?” Many viewers, or lack there of, probably expect these people to be fake, phong and desperate for the money since why else you you pull someone’s hair on national television and then throw a drink at them only to prove that your husband isn’t cheating on you? Viewers are also completely under the impression it is scripted and while yes I believe some of it is, I think it stems from the truth. It’s all scripted to be dramatic enough so people like me will watch it.

And while yes some probably are that fake, phong and completely off the rails, The Marge is so much more than her TV personality.

Her biography tells of the hardships she encountered from having to grow up really fast, work in a male dominant industry and the realities of familial, maternal and other relationships that really kept her going. 👑💪🏻

Did you know she also had a one night stand with the lead singer of Foreigner? 😮 This book is full of surprises!

This book is an absolute must read! The Marge is an icon being the ‘powerhouse in pigtails’ on RHONJ and even more iconic once you read her book and realize OMG! She’s human too! 😱 Its books like these that make you realize not to judge a book by its cover! I never would’ve known how much life experience Margaret Josephs had if I hadn’t read her book. The show is definitely set up in a way to only show the audience what they want and people are a lot more than their 15 minutes of fame!

Typically I’m not one for an autobiography, I do prefer my fiction BUT I’ll make an exception for my love of reality TV. 😉

Overall cupcake count: 🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the Caviar Dreams


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