Terre Bleu Lavender Farm

Located in Milton, ON Canada, the Terre Bleu (which means blue earth in French) Lavender farm is one of the most instagrammy places this summer! 💜📲

I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Weren’t you just at a lavender farm? Like last week?” The answer is yes but let me live my life you can never have enough lavender! 🤷🏻‍♀️

After I saw quite a few posts with the iconic yellow door in a fresh field of lavender, how could I not do a complete investigation and then buy tickets to go the next day?!

The farm is separated into two parts, one has the yellow bench trail and yellow door trail to the lavender field, while the second half is a drive down the road to the Sunflower field and bakery cafe! 🌻☕️

Tickets are 20$ a person, and upon arrival you are given a map and a trivia questionnaire about the field to fill out as you go! If all your answers are correct you get 10% off in the gift store! A bargain and education? Sign me up! 🎟💡

Terre Bleu also supports sustainable living, as within the shop there are lots of different lavender infused items to help the planet! While this place is definitely a must see- it’s also a must smell! The relaxing smell of lavender almost made me fall asleep! 💜😴

There are bees all over 🐝 but they are helping the lavender! It’s important to note this as the bees live here and we are visitors! 💛


If you haven’t already, book your tickets!

Yours til the terre bleu


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