Neob Niagara Lavender Farm

Due to Ontario finally being in stage 3 of reopening, I decided to support the local community of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Lincoln ON! 🇨🇦

The Neob Lavender field/farm is out in the country side of the Niagara community, making it the perfect location for a gorgeous purple field! 💜

So being in Canada, it was pouring rain when I went but I had already paid and wasn’t going to change my mind! I mean rain is better than snow? It’s Canada anything can happen, surprised we didn’t get hail! There was a hurricane last week! 🌧⛈🌧🌬

Nonetheless Neob stayed open, only warning me that the rain washed the deep purple colour off the lavender. I got to roam the field with lots of purple props and accents for that perfect Instagram photo! 📸

Inside the boutique store, you’ll find just about anything! Cleaning products, beauty, body lotion, bug repellent and of course bundles of fresh lavender! Everything is eco friendly and super sustainable to help maintain the best environment possible!

Plus with your 10$ voucher to the field, you get a 5$ coupon for the store! How great is that?! I’m glad others support my shopping habit 😉

I loved the atmosphere here and hopefully next summer I can go when it’s not pouring rain!

Check out Neob Niagara for all the sustainable, purple loving and eco friendly lavender authenticity. ☂️💜

Yours ‘til the purple piñata


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