La Maison Rose Patisserie & Cafe

Located in Grimsby, ON Canada, La Maison Rose Cafe is a quaint little dessert shop! 🏠🌹

The cafe was featured on Narcity Canada (that’s a big deal! If you’re Canadian I can hear you gasping from here!) as part of the pop up decor for the 70th anniversary of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland! 💙☕️🫖


Due to the smaller space and COVID restrictions, indoors was only open to order and take photos but the patio was open and equally as nice!

The menu (featured below) has everything from ice cream, brownies, macrons, cannolis and iced coffee! 🍦🍪🍰

The iced coffee was good! I got one with oat milk and I must say it was gone instantly!

Iced coffee rating : 🏅🏅🏅

With great prices, great food and great decor how could you not want to hop in the car and head over this instant!? Definitely a must see before the pop up decor is gone!


Yours ‘til the wonder lands 🐰


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