Pumpkins After Dark

Pumpkin’s After Dark, is a seasonal pop up at Country Heritage Family Farm, located in Milton, ON is Canada’s largest pumpkin drive thru! 🎃

This was initially created as a ‘drive thru’ instead of a walk through last year during the pandemic since it’s a great way to enjoy the season all in the safe comfort of your car! Only in the provinces of Ontario and Alberta get the pleasure of seeing all these hand carved master pieces!🇨🇦

Admission starts at (2 people) CAD 39$ 💰 per car and goes up depending how many people your car can hold.

When you arrive, turn your car radio to the station 89.1 to listen to an interactive narration on the history of the pumpkin carving, as well as music to go along with the drive!📻

It’s a 2.5 KM, 45 minute drive thru trail with over Hand carved pumpkins! (Some are real and some are artificial since real ones would rot way too quickly). 🎃🔪👻💀

Be sure to check it out! Limited time only September 17- November 8th 2021! Tickets will sell out! 🎃🚙🍂

Enchanting archway 🎃✨

Happy spooky season!🎃🇨🇦☀️🍃🍂📸🦃🥧👻

Yours ‘til the pumpkin patches


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