Meet Me in London: Book Review

‘Tis the season! If you’re anything like me and find your guilty pleasures in the cheddariest of cheesy Hallmark movies, then you also probably love the ooey gooey cheese that come in the holiday books too! 🧀

Meet Me in London 🌃🇬🇧 is an amazing book that I finished in one day! 🤓

Taking place in the city I desire most to visit, this story is nothing short of a holiday romance of rags to riches. Victoria teaches fashion design to a group of students from her apartment, while also working as a local bartender. 🥂👗🪡

New in town moves in a new department store which the townspeople are none too happy about as it will take away the magic of their community run economy. 🛍

Victoria’s life changes when she unknowingly meets the owner of the new department store and not only wins a chance for her designs to be on the runway, but also his heart. ❤️‍🔥

Victoria agrees to play along and pretend to be a couple with this man for the sake of his overworked and soon to retire parents, but before they know it sparks are flying right before their eyes! 💥

However a secret Victoria keeps may or may not be the deal breaker between the heir of this booming company. She becomes determined to keep this facade exactly that in fear that her secret will come out. Can she really go through with it?

This novel has so many twists and turns and secrets that it simply must be on your holiday reading list! If you’re also a sucker for a happy ending, then no need to worry. What’s a holiday book without the festive cheer at the end! 🎄

This is one of many holiday reads I’ll be getting into. So no need to worry! Make sure to give this book a try! I promise it won’t disappoint!

Overall cupcake count: 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the Hallmark Movies🎁☃️


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