The Dinner List

Haven’t we all had the conversation that makes us decide who we’d want to invite to dinner, dead or alive? 🧐 Personally I’d have to choose my grandparents, Jane Austen, My High School History Teacher and my Mom. Why? You might ask, well that’s a whole other story!

Rebecca Serle does it again in this AMAZING story about protagonist Sabrina and her unconventional 30th birthday dinner. The novel begins with her dinner including guests Audrey Hepburn, her best friend Jessica, her University Professor, her late father and her first love, Tobias. 📝

The story goes between her dinner, and her past which reveals why she invited these specific people in the first place. The purpose of her having this dinner is to find peace and reconciliation. Kinda a big ask over one dinner right? ⏰

Serle is also the author of In Five Years which gravitated me towards this novel being that I love her work already! In a similar manner, The Dinner List is beautifully written with just a hint of tragedy so you’re reminded of your human emotions. 💔

I loved this read so much I finished in two days! If you get the chance, talk about who’s on your dinner list, then read this book. It’ll help you re-evaluate your list 😉.

Overall Cupcake Count: 🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘til the dinner parties


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