Bridgerton Series

These books are the bane of my existence. The object of all my desires. ❤️‍🔥

Since the Netflix Series debuted in 2020, it has been all the talk of the Ton! This is also a very first for me having watched both seasons on Netflix before reading the books! In all fairness I had no idea these were books (how dare me, I know) until I watched it on screen! 🏰👗💕

I have now read all 8 books, including the second epilogues, and Julia Quinn is an absolute mastermind! ✍️📝

Each novel is about a different Bridgerton sibling, whose names are in alphabetical order, and their very different love stories. I was over the moon with each of them, but #3 An Offer From A Gentleman was my favourite!👠❤️ Interwoven into the love stories is the anonymous Lady Whistledown who writes society papers all the ladies and gents go mad for! It’s the equivalent of a shoutout on Instagram these days but everyone secretly loves being the Center of attention! 🪶🖊

Historical Romance has taken center stage ever since the show came out and boy how did I not know what I was missing! While taking on a similar Jane Austen flair, Julia Quinn leaves me astonished and very content in every book! 😍🥹

I even took a trip ✈️to London England 🇬🇧💂🏻‍♂️☎️ and went to Hampton Court Palace 🏰 where they filmed some of season two! This palace belonged to King Henry VIII and his first wife Anne Boleyn back in the day, but is also the imaginary home of Queen Charlotte in the Bridgerton Series on Netflix! Check it out!

Each of the Bridgerton Books are heartfelt and even though they take place in 1814, are very very relatable in today’s world! ✨

If you’ve seen the show, and are debating whether or not the books are worth a shot, I say go for it!!! Although the books differ from the Netflix Adaptation, the character are done to a tee!🤩

Anyone else desperately waiting for season 3? No? Just me? Alright maybe I’ll reread the series 😉

Overall cupcake count: 🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘Til the Talk of The Ton,


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