Twenties Girl

Everyone loves the roaring ‘20s! In fact, aren’t we kinda living in the ‘20s now?🪶✨

I got this book for my twentieth birthday 🎁, (how cute is that?), and honestly never bothered to read it until now! I hate that feeling when I finally read a book and think “how has this amazing story been sitting in front of me this whole time?” Well it was worth the wait! 📖

In true Gatsby fashion, what better way to celebrate than throwing yourself a luxurious party in hopes that your one true love will show? 🎉2️⃣0️⃣

Sophie Kinsella does it again! Twenties girl is a hilariously sweet novel about a girl in her twenties, being paid a visit by her late great Aunt from the ‘20s! 👏🏻👻

This journey they take on together is about finding the lost necklace of her Aunt! She can’t Rest In Peace without it! 😫💎

Through a series of ups and downs, finding yourself and finding the necklace, this novel is a very sweet read! 📚🤩

I finished this book pretty fast and felt like I time travelled while reading it! ⏰

Overall Cupcake Count: 🧁🧁🧁

Yours ‘Til the Roaring 20’s,


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